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The GlossaryThis glossary is mainly in Malay i.e. Bahasa Malaysia. However, many food ingredients or terms are better known in local Chinese or Indian dialects. This is because of Malaysia's multi-ethnic population, and its culturally diverse cuisine and cooking styles. Certain ingredients are used exclusively, or more frequently in different ethnic kitchens, while some foods may be forbidden due to religious beliefs. Wherever possible, spelling variations, similar names in English, or in other countries nearby and afar, shall also be included in the glossary.


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also spelt Vitamin in [Malay]

Vitamin. A nutritional supplement.



Colour [spelling]


Berwarna : Colored or Coloured.
Berwarna-warni : Colorful or Colourful, Multicolored or Multicoloured.



also called Ikan Yu [Malay]


Yu Jerung Putih : Great White Shark.
Yu Kapak : Hammerhead Shark.
Yu Pasifik : Thresher Shark.
Yu Sirip Hitam : Black Tip Shark.





Minyak Zaitun : Olive Oil




Essence. In food, it refers to a concentrated flavoring extracted from an item. The process is usually done by infusion or by distillation, like Vanilla, Daun Pandan [Screwpine Leaves] and concentrated stocks.

Zat Ayam : Essence of Chicken.


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