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The GlossaryThis glossary is mainly in Malay i.e. Bahasa Malaysia. However, many food ingredients or terms are better known in local Chinese or Indian dialects. This is because of Malaysia's multi-ethnic population, and its culturally diverse cuisine and cooking styles. Certain ingredients are used exclusively, or more frequently in different ethnic kitchens, while some foods may be forbidden due to religious beliefs. Wherever possible, spelling variations, similar names in English, or in other countries nearby and afar, shall also be included in the glossary.


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Weight Scale.




Kitchen. It can also refer to a Stove.



Yoke [Chinese], Erachi [Tamil]

Meat, Flesh.

Daging Lembu : Beef. Yoke [Chinese], Erachi [Tamil].
Daging Asin : Corn Beef . Ngau Yoke Khan [Chinese],  Samaitha Mattu [Tamil].
Daging Anak Lembu : Veal. Luen Ngau Yoke [Chinese], Kandrin Erachi [Tamil]
Daging Babi : Pork. Chee Yoke [Chinese], Pandi Erachi [Tamil].
Daging Babi Cincang: Chinese Sausage. Lap Cheong [Chinese],
Daging Paha Babi : Ham. Foo Tooi [Chinese], Pandi Thodaiyin Utpitta Reachi [Tamil].
Stek Daging Rusok : Fillet Steak. Ngau Yoke Kuah [Chinese].



Yoke [Chinese], Erachi [Tamil]

A general term for Leaf or Leaves. It can also refer to a Herb.

Daun Bawang : Scallion. Also called Spring Onion, or Green Onion. Chung [Chinese], Vengayakuruthu [Tamil]
Daun Bay : Bay Leaf. Yee Kwai See Yip [Chinese], Lavang Elai [Tamil].
Daun Kari Pla : Curry Leaf. Kah Lee Yip [Chinese], Karuveppillai [Tamil]
Daun Keledek : Sweet Potato Leaf. Fan See Yip [Chinese], Sakaravalli Yellae [Tamil]
Daun Kesum : Polygonum, commonly called Laksa Leaf. Also called Vietnamese Mint. Heong Fah Choy [Chinese].
Daun Ketumbar : Coriander Leaf, Chinese Parsley, Cilantro. Yim Sai Choong [Chinese], Malli Kolunthu [Tamil].
Daun Limau Purut : Kaffir Lime Leaf. Daun Limau Perut [spelling]
Daun Pandan : Screwpine, commonly called Pandan Leaf. Chenloi Yip [Chinese], Chendol Elai [Tamil].
Daun Pudina Kodak : Mint Leaf. Por Hor Yip [Chinese], Ptuthina Kerai [Tamil].
Daun Seladeri : Celery Leaf. Kan Choy [Chinese]


Daun Limau Purut

Daun Limau Perut [spelling], Bai Ma-Gruud [Thailand]

Kaffir Lime Leaf. Its sharp, lemony aroma enhances the flavor of a dish, especially fish and seafood, where a 'souring' ingredient such as lemon, lime or Assam Jawa [Tamarind] is used. It can also be used as a fresh herb or garnish. Simply remove the middle vein of the leaf, and finely chop or julienne.







Dhal [spelling], Parupu [Tamil]

Lentils or Split Peas.



Low Lin [Chinese], Durian [Tamil]

Durian, is often called 'The 'King of fruits' by fruit aficionados . This large, heavy fruit has a thick thorny outer skin. When ripe, the pulpy fruit inside the durian pods taste like butterscotch, cream caramel or banana custard. The smell of durian is unmistakable, the first thing you will notice. It either doesn't bother you at all, or otherwise. This is one tropical fruit, once savored, you will absolutely love forever, or the opposite.


Durian Belanda


Sour Sop. In spite of its name, it is unrelated to the durian. This large, dark green fruit is covered with soft thorns. The pulpy fruit inside taste both sweet and sour, like a creamy tropical fruit punch.


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